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Who needs an eBook?

It is estimated that half of all books sold are eBooks. Having said that, should you

consider eBooks? The strategy of major publishers is to release all print book titles with a twin eBook.

You might ask “Why?”, and the answer is because that’s what your readers want.

If your goal is to increase your customer base and allow your readers the flexibility of reading your book the way they want, then eBooks are for you.


Who needs an eBook Types of authors perfect for eBooks

•   Authors with a previously printed book who want to increase their customer base and sales by offering their book on devices, online eTailers and their own website.


•   Authors who don’t have a book ready to print, but do have valuable content for an audience from blog posts, articles and white papers.


•   Authors who have printed other content that could be enhanced with audio and video for eReader devices.


•   Marketers and Business Professionals who want to sell their knowledge, or create valuable free content as lead-ins to paid events and services.


•   Educators and learning institutions who want to create more readily consumable and time expiring content to increase student interaction and retention.


Converting your eBook

We can make it a simple process to take your manuscript in its native format (Word, Pages, Text, InDesign, etc.), and convert it to a file for an eReader.

There is not one universal format for all eReading devices, however, there are two formats that are most widely accepted – ePub and Mobipocket.

Most eReader devices can use one of these two formats.


Tips for a Successful eBook Conversion

•   Understand that what your eBook looks like on a specific eReader will depend on the eBook format that each specific device supports.


•   Remember there’s no such thing as a PAGE in eBooks like a printed book. It’s all actually one long page, similar to a web page. The device, screen and formats determine the book.


•   Your eBook is not like your printed book.


•   Your eBook will be judged by its cover (just like at a book store). Design your eBook to make it compelling.


•   Organize and shine your content. It’s been said that “there’s nothing really new under the sun, just retold.” Make sure your story is retold without typos and grammatical errors. Allow professionals to help polish and proofread your work.


•   Get an EXPERT to help you convert your file. This will allow you to be involved in the process of the content interaction and design strategy.


Avoiding eBook Conversion Problems

Converting your manuscript file to an eBook seems like an easy task. However, not all books are a simple conversion.

With images, charts or columns of text, your simple conversion becomes a complex one. The free conversion services available will run your

manuscript through automated conversion software and your results are unpredictable.


eBook: audio, video and linking

What makes eBooks so exciting is their potential to be not just convenient but captivating!

Enhanced eBooks can engage your readers with unparalleled interactive experiences.

Since the advent of eBooks, our eBook conversion specialists and media designers, technologists and content developers have

helped the world’s largest publishers and corporations find innovative ways to create enhanced interactive content.

Our experts take traditionally-published content and transform it into exciting enhanced eBook products – converting casual readers into loyal digital eFans in the process.

ePub, the defacto eBook format standard supported by Apple, Sony and many others, offers many options to bring your content to life.

Our eBook specialists have in-depth knowledge of the features and functionality supported by the ePub standard, as well as those planned for future versions.

More importantly, our content technology experts can help you enhance your production processes to efficiently and affordably create

enhanced eBooks to delight your customers. From text books to romance novels, from medical journals to software manuals – we know how it’s done.


For more information on how we can help you with your eBook conversion project contact us at:

Phone: 866.379.8767

Fax: 248.545.5989

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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